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Welcome To The Mountain!

Greetings from The Mountain Shoppe! We're thrilled to be bringing a blog to our site to inform our loyal community about all things pertinent to the nature of our brand. Posts will range across a variety of topics but readers can regularly expect to absorb content regarding general information, as well as anything & everything product related.

If you're new here with us, then you may be asking yourself who we are and what we do. Well allow us to introduce ourselves - we're the regions premier home and cabin outfitter. We're your one stop shop to transform your residence. Whether it be your primary home, getaway condo, lake house, or hunting cabin - you won't find higher quality, more durable, or custom tailored furnishings anywhere else.

Did we mention quality and customizable? Check out our totally custom HTC poly resin products - links above to the pictured set!

Everyone has those stores/brands they're loyal to. This could be for a multitude of reasons - the logo on the product, the reputation of the company, or the trust in the people to deliver a positive experience. When you choose The Mountain Shoppe you can expect to be exposed to all of the above.

So there's the fastest, "tip of the iceberg" summary of who we are and what we do. We hope you'll stay tuned in and stop by to see all the exciting things happening at The Mountain Shoppe!

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