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Fireside Lodge Furniture - Hand Built & USA Made

We are ecstatic to bring Fireside Lodge's exquisite brand to our cherished clients! Boasting a robust lineup of hand crafted furniture across every room in your residence, every piece is built right here in the USA. Based out of Minnesota amongst the lakes & forests, they manufacture these heirloom pieces in a state of the art 35,000 square foot workshop. We've been on site and seen it for ourselves firsthand! You'll find an ample selection of lumbers that best suits the desired look for your refashioned space, including: Cedar log, Hickory log, authentic Barnwood, Pine (Woodshop) and Appalachian (blend of hickory and barnwood). Before we dive in, be sure to check out their field guide & standards PDF by clicking the link below. This is a fun read with explanations of the how, where, why etc!

Cedar Log

The origin of Fireside Lodge Furniture, Cedar log furniture is the roots of the company - pun intended! This beautiful line brings the north woods right into your home. All logs are hand-peeled, thus keeping intact the pieces natural shape and beauty. Multiple stain color options affords client's the ability to blend these beautiful pieces amongst already existing color tones and decor in their home. You'll find links to product options later in this blog!

Check out this beautiful Cedar log bed & nightstand - featuring the weathered gray color. To see this product on our site, click the link!

Hickory Log

With its "bark-on" look, strength, and durability, hickory log furniture is the American treasure of rustic furniture. Fireside Lodge features an enormous product line of hickory furniture, and like the Cedar line it has multiple stain options on the surface areas of the pieces.

This beautiful Hickory log bed is showcased with the one drawer nightstand in "cinnamon" stain.

Authentic Reclaimed Barnwood

Notice how we emphasized with "authentic"? This is the real deal stuff! Fireside Lodge's Barnwood line is made with hand-selected oak timbers & planks from deconstructed 1800's tobacco barns. As Fireside Lodge puts it, "Not manufactured, but benchmade." This beautiful, environmentally friendly line is highly adaptable as it suits both rustic or everyday decor. Check the links below for product options within the Barnwood line.

Check out this beautiful Barnwood & Appalachian bedroom set! The Barnwood Barndoor bed can be found at this link.


Take a walk into the woodshop with this beautiful and highly customizable line. Currently available in dining, living and bedroom furniture, every piece is customized by you down to the very last detail. Choose your texture, stain color and even hardware! There are more than 800 possibilities!

This elegant Woodshop bed is shown with a rough sawn texture and a blend of coffee and slate stains!


Last but certainly not least is the beautiful Appalachian line. This line is distinct in that it features a blend of two of the previous discussed lumbers (hickory log and barnwood). You'll find Hickory log framing with Barnwood surface areas which as Fireside Lodge puts it, "captures the romance inherent in Appalachia's rustic simplicity & cultural wealth."

Stunning creativity & craftsmanship leads to beautiful products such as the Appalachian bed!

Additional Features

The above mentioned furniture lines are awe inspiring and extraordinary by themselves. So what else makes Fireside Lodge's furniture lines so great?

  1. Sustainability. Fireside Lodge has a sustainability pledge to be as environmentally friendly as possible, as they state, "As a builder of solid wood furniture, we rely on good old Mother Nature for everything we create. That makes it our duty to pay special attention to making environmentally-responsible decisions. Whether that is choosing low VOC and non-toxic stains and finishes, building with renewable or reclaimed materials, or operating as close to zero-waste as possible, we have made a commitment to work with the future in mind." We can attest personally to this, as we mentioned earlier we have been on site and toured the facility!

  2. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Fireside Lodge provides a limited lifetime warranty on every piece of its furniture against manufacturer defects. That is standing behind your product!


One of our favorite things about Fireside's expansive lineup is exactly that, the variety! As we mentioned in the opening of this blog, they build pieces for all rooms of your home. There's a huge selection of bedroom, dining room, and living room furniture, but its the office, game/bar room, and bathroom pieces that complete your residence. Desks, entry lockers, billiards tables, gun cabinets, vanities + so much more are all available as well!

This Barnwood entry locker is perfect for entryways/mudrooms to organize all your shoes, coats, outdoor gear + more! Check out this product by clicking the link!

Product Options

As we alluded to previously, all product options can be found in the links below!

Stain Options:

Fabric Options:

Hardware Options:

Felt Options for poker/billiards tables:


We hope that this blog has inspired you as much as it has informed you. We take great pride in selling top quality merchandise, and Fireside Lodge is certainly that. If you have any questions you can contact us via phone or email, which you'll find here:

If you're interested in setting up a FREE consultation to explore all your options and see these beautiful pieces in person, you can schedule your appointment by clicking here:

We'll see you on the Mountain!



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