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Investing In Poly Resin & Choosing Our HTC Line

Polywood, Poly Composite, Poly Resin - you've heard all the different terminology used to describe what has quickly become the preferred choice of those interested in long term outdoor furniture - & for good reason! It is highly durable furniture that takes harsh weather, yet looks stunning and completes your outdoor living areas. It's environmentally friendly/green & has very low maintenance. But what is it exactly and what should you know before investing? Let's dive in!

This snuggleback gliding settee is the perfect addition for any porch or patio, and can be separated with minimal effort should you need to move the chairs to a new area.

These snuggleback single gliders are joined by the "gliding settee table insert", thus taking two individual gliding chairs and making a gliding settee. The result? A buttery smooth gliding chair, connected by an ideal sized table to your loved ones chair. Coffee, brunch, or your favorite cocktail conveniently & securely in place.

Check out the Snuggleback single glider at the link below!

So what is Poly lumber? Simply put, it is recycled plastics in some sense or fashion. Milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles, piping etc. We've seen both Polyethylene and Polystyrene be used to compose dimensional lumbers and therefore furniture. But buyer beware, don't be fooled by buying "Poly" just because it is given that prefix. There are differences and it is important to distinguish. High Density Polyethylene or HDPE, is what you're after for high quality outdoor furniture. If you're looking at investing in this product, be sure to ask wherever you're potentially buying about what the lumber is composed of. **Our Poly Resin Furniture is backed with a 20 year warranty**

Now that you have a better understanding of what Poly lumber is and what to look for, let's talk about who's manufacturing these alternative materials in order for the beautiful furniture to be crafted.

Tangent Materials is the industry leader in material sciences. In their own words, "When it comes to alternative material, there is no alternative". They are the largest & most advanced manufacturer of fabrication materials in North America, providing the highest quality materials. Their rigorous testing guarantees unmatched performance in both strength and durability. We've attached a link below here to a brief informational PDF directly from Tangent's website. If you click on any link from this article today, make it this one. It provides some graphics and information directly from the manufacturer, and should give you the utmost confidence in purchasing with us. Some quick features:

  • Resists cracking, splitting, mold & mildew. It will not rot, corrode, splinter or decay.

  • Stabilized color agents are added to the material which ensures resistance to fading.

  • Insect and borer resistant, does not absorb chemicals, oils, or water, and will not leach chemicals into the environment.

So now we know who the major player is and hopefully given you absolute confidence in the materials. But the next phase of this is who's sourcing this material and crafting it into the beautiful furniture you're in search of (Like in the picture below!)


44" Square Table - Bar Height

Color: Driftwood on Driftwood

Daisy Squareback Swivel Chair -Bar Height

Color: Driftwood on Driftwood

Having the A+ materials is a great start, but if its being assembled by just anyone you've only won half the battle. Allow us to introduce our HTC line. Amish built and handcrafted out of Pennsylvania, the HTC line is superior to anything we've seen. A distinguishable feature right out of the gate is their hidden hardware. This is something that's often overlooked when comparing poly pieces, but once you see it you can't unsee it. HTC expertly hides the majority of the hardware and fasteners that hold the structure together which allows for a considerably cleaner look. Check out the photo below to compare versus competitors' items.

Another major feature of HTC is their expansive product line, totally customizable to be configured the way you want. Choose from three different heights on all table and chair options (dining - 30", counter - 36", bar - 42"), with swivel bases available! Rocking chairs, swivel/gliding pieces, swings, bar tables, chaise lounges, adirondack chairs.. the list goes on. Now take all those available pieces, and choose from over 250 possible color combinations from Tangent's beautiful lumber selection. The possibilities are endless!

Speaking of colors, it's good to understand terminology used when we talk colors. The colors described when speaking about a product can be broken down into two categories: 1.) Primary/Surface areas & 2.) Secondary/Framing areas. So you'll hear us reference an item by saying, "Cherry on Weathered Wood" or "Antique Mahogany on Black". The first color mentioned is referencing the top surface areas of the item, while the second color is used to denote the framing color. Check out the pictures below for examples.

This Snuggleback Swing would be referenced as "Dove Gray on Dark Grey"

Check this item out by clicking the link.

These Snuggleback Folding Adirondacks would be referenced as "Cedar on Cherrywood"

Check this item out by clicking the link.

So you've learned what poly is. You've learned who the industry leader is in manufacturing it. And you've learned who takes the high quality material and crafts it into the beautiful furniture you see in the images throughout. The only thing left to do is start measuring that outdoor living space you've always wanted and come see us at The Mountain Shoppe!

We hope this article helps clarify some of the many questions we are consistently asked regarding poly resin furniture (and why ours is best). If you need any further assistance or are ready to book an appointment to start the conversation, you'll find contact information and free consultation information below.

Phone: 724-593-7204

Address: 237 Rt 711 Jones Mills, Pa 15646

We hope to see you around the mountain!


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