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Purchasing Custom Built Furniture & "Financing" with The Mountain Shoppe

Congratulations! You've decided to treat yourself and have settled on the highest quality, handcrafted furniture available. You've picked out (for example) a new dining set & matching hutch, and nailed down the final details. These beautiful pieces will be hand built for you. When it comes to purchasing, we believe offering the ability to pay in installments allows for the greatest buyer flexibility. Let's take a look below at the different payment options made available to you!

Check out this beautiful rough sawn oak dining hutch. Available in 2 or 3 door (3 door shown), comes standard with 3 adjustable shelves. Glass doors are available for the hutch top. Check it out by clicking this link!

1.) 10% Deposit

This is our most popular option. When you come in and have selected your furniture and nailed down the details, we will process the order for a deposit of 10% of your order total. You'll have two options on how to pay the balance - you can make installments at your leisure, or you can wait until the furniture arrives and pay the remaining balance the day you pick it up. Let's run through a scenario below!

This beautiful office desk is being built for you in the stain color you selected. Your total after tax is $1584.70. You write a check for $158.47 to cover the 10% deposit. This will process your order and put it in the builder's queue. You can come in and put down additional payments while its being built, or you can opt to wait and pay the entire remaining balance once the furniture has arrived here on site. We strive to give buyer flexibility!

2.) Later Date Pickup

Another purchase option we provide is our later date pickup. This works by putting down 50% on your purchase total, and is a common choice when buying furniture that is already in stock on site but will not be taken home that very day. This can be due to a few reasons. You may need to bring back a vehicle/trailer that is more suitable for hauling - but you want to purchase the item so it is indeed sold.

Another motive for taking advantage of this option is you may fall in love with an item you see but do not want to front the total cost at that time. By putting the 50% down, we will tag the item sold and you can make payments you're comfortable with over an agreed period of time until the balance is paid. Let's take a look at an example of this below!

This gorgeous Barnwood entertainment center with built in fireplace is exactly what you need to complete your gathering room. We have one on site available for purchase & you want to take it, but can't pick it up until next month at a date to which both parties agree. You put down a deposit of 50%, we tag it sold & keep your information on file. Check out the entertainment center by clicking this link!

Armed with this buying flexibility allows for much more accessible purchasing, thus providing you more opportunities to treat yourself to the best of the best for your next outfitting project!

Visit us at to learn more!


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